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What is the cause of the oil leakage of the NRV.NMRV series reducer
Oil leakage of the NRV.NMRV series reducer is a common failure phenomenon in the use of the reducer.Correctly analyze and diagnose the cause of its oil leakage, and take appropriate measures for the cause...
What to pay attention to when using RV series worm reducer
The RV series worm reducer is used for food machinery, chemical machinery, woodworking machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, agricultural machinery, textile equipment, smelting equipment, medical machinery...
How to adjust the speed of a gear motor
The gear motor is the core component of the reducer, and the speed adjustment of the reducer is done by it.Mechanical equipment needs to be different under different working conditions...
How does the P series planetary gear reducer work?
The internal gear arrangement of P series reducer usually adopts planetary distribution, and people are also used to call it P series planetary gear reducer.Internal teeth...
Analysis of the reasons why the lifting reducer of the shot blasting machine does not load
The shot blasting machine is made up of a combination of various accessories. Among them, the lifting reducer of the shot blasting machine is one of the important accessories in the shot blasting machine, but there are...
Reducer knowledge-installation method and development trend
The reducer plays a role in matching the speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the working machine or actuator. The reducer is a relatively precise machine. Use it...