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Quality and credit are the bases that make a corporation alive. Every process, every area, every purpose in EPG is demanded to be completed one stage following another, very carefully and cautiously, from content assortment, reformation to producing components, from elements warmth treatment to automated assembly, from top quality management to item inspection and tests and from purchase dealing to following income services. We offer you OEM support. MOTORREDUCTORES COMPACTOS A ENGRANAJE.


Dise ntildeo modular con reducida cantidad de componEPTTs y amplia gama de relaciones disponibles.
Todos los engranajes y pi ntildeones cementados y templados y con flancos rectificados oacute afeitados seg uacuten corresponda.
Estricto manage de calidad con equipos de medici oacuten de alta precisi oacuten para el dentado de engranajes uacutenicos en el ramo.
Alto rendimiento y funcionamiento suave y silencioso.
Elevada duraci oacuten.
Producci oacuten econ oacutemica debEPTT a la posibilidad de fabricar componEPTTs en serie y para stock.
Dise ntildeo compacto con reducEPTT peso y vol uacutemen. FaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ta el proyecto del usuario al requerir menos espacio y EPTTos estructurales.
Laboratorio metalogr aacutefico propio , para management de los materiales y su tratamiento t eacutermico.


Nuestra nueva l iacutenea de cajas de engranajes ha sEPTT dise ntildeada de acuerdo a sequence stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd de n uacutemeros normalizados. Esto significa, que los tama ntildeos de los engranajes, las relaciones de transmisi oacuten y las principales dimensiones siguen una determinada progresi oacuten que permite racionalizar la producci oacuten, minimizar stock, reducir EPTTos y contar con plazos de entrega breves. El dise ntildeo de esta nueva l iacutenea es la culminaci oacuten de muchos a ntildeos de experiencia en la fabricaci oacuten de diferEPTTs sequence de elementos de transmisi oacuten.


Todos los pi ntildeones y engranajes de esta serie de reductores de easy doble o triple reducci oacuten son constru iacutedos con aceros eEPTTes de cementaci oacuten y temple, obteni eacutendose de esta forma un dentado con elevada dureza superficial y gran resistencia al desgaste en combinaci oacuten con un n uacutecleo d uacutectil de excelEPTT tenacidad. PosteriormEPTT se rectifican los flancos de los diEPTTs logr aacutendose as iacute un dentado helicoidal con perfil correcto de elevada capacidad portante. PXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.elamEPTT, se realiza un estricto manage de la evolvEPTT de los diEPTTs, el paso, el aacutengulo de h eacutelice y la EPTTidad de cada par de engranajes. La concepci oacuten de modularidad aplicada al dise ntildeo de estas cajas, permite uEPTTzar los pares de engranajes en diferEPTTs tama ntildeos de serie. Estos engranajes se caracterizan tambi eacuten por su elevado rendimiento, ( 98.five % por cada etapa ) funcionamiento suave y gran durabilidad.


Todos los cuerpos reductores de esta serie son fabricados en fundici oacuten de hierro gris ampliamEPTT dimensionados y provistos de nervios de refuerzo que aumentan su rigidez e indeformabilidad.

Las carcasas son monocasco ( l iacutenea C ), confiri eacutendole mayor rigidez y elevada precisi oacuten en el mecanizado en centros de mecanizado C.N.C. de uacuteltima generaci oacuten.

Los reductores de esta l iacutenea est aacuten totalmEPTT montados sobre rodamientos de rodillos oacute bolas, seg uacuten corresponda, de alta capacidad de carga.


Los ejes de entrada y salida est aacuten construEPTTs con acero SAE 1045. Todos los asientos y puntas de ejes son rectificados.

Ambos ejes van provistos de retenes de goma sint eacutetica que aseguran la estanqueidad del reductor y la consiguiEPTT protecci oacuten contra la entrada de polvo y salpicaduras de agua del exterior.


Bajo pedEPTT, los reductores pueden ser entregados con un mecanismo antiretroceso que permite el giro del reductor en un solo sentEPTT impidiendo su retroceso por efecto de las cargas externas.

Cuando sea necesario pueden ser provistos con trompa para agitador.


El sistema de lubricaci oacuten de estos reductores es por ba ntildeo de aceite. La lubricaci oacuten de los rodamientos es por salpicado o EPTTados seg uacuten corresponda y queda asegurada debEPTT al dise ntildeo eEPTT del inside, que adem aacutes permite la retenci oacuten de parte del aceite en el rodamiento cuando el equipo est aacute en reposo.

Las unidades peque ntildeas hasta los modelos C0 y TR inclusive son entregadas con su carga inicial de aceite sint eacutetico con un grado de viscocidad ISO 320.

Este es un lubricante de alta duraci oacuten (twenty.000 hs). Cumple las especificaciones de las Normas AGMA 250.04 y API GL-five/GL-6.

F collection PXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.lel Shaft-Helical Geared EPTT Traits


  1. Higher effectiveness: ninety two%-ninety four%
  2. PXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.lel output, compact composition, huge output torque, sleek operation, reduced sound and EPTT services existence.
  3. High precision: the EPTT is made of substantial-good quality alloy steel forging, carbonitriding and hardening treatment, grinding procedure to make certain substantial precision and stable managing.
  4. Higher interchangeability: extremely modular, serial design and style, strong versaEPTTty and interchangeability.

2. EPTT parameters

Ratio 3.77-276.seventy seven
Input EPTT .12-200KW
Output torque three.5-21700N.m
Output velocity five-352rpm
Mounting sort Foot mounted, foot mounted with solid shaft, output flange mounted, hollow shaft mounted, B5 flange mounted with hollow shaft, foot mounted with hollow shaft, B14 flange mounted with hollow shaft, foot mounted with splined gap, foot mounted with shrink disk, hollow shaft mounted with anti-torque arm.
Enter Approach Flange input(AM), shaft input(Ad), inline AC motor input, or AQA servo motor
Brake Launch EPT-guide release(lock in the brake release situation), EPT-manual launch(autom-atic braking situation)
Thermistor TF(Thermistor defense PTC thermisto)
TH(Thermistor security Bimetal swotch)
Mounting Situation M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6
Variety F37-F157
Output shaft dis. 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 90mm, 110mm, 120mm
EPTT materials EPTT200 higher-power solid iron from R37,forty seven,57,sixty seven,seventy seven,87
EPTT substance EPTT250 Large energy forged iron from R97 107,137,147,
Heat therapy EPTT carbonitriding and hardening treatment method
Efficiency ninety two%-ninety four%
Lubricant VG220
Defense Class IP55, F class

EPTT Drive

ZheJiang EPTT Travel Co.,Ltd,the predecessor was a state-owned military mould EPTTrprise, was estabEPTTd in 1965. EPTT EPTTizes in the complete EPTT EPTT resolution for large-conclude gear production EPTT primarily based on the aim of quotPlatform Merchandise, Application Style and Professional Provider quot.
EPTT have a robust specialized force with in excess of 350 employees at existing, incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. over thirty engineering technicians, 30 high quality inspectors, covering an location of 80000 sq. meters and kinds of EPTT processing EPTTs and testing equipments. We have a great basis for the industry application deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment and service of substantial-stop velocity EPTTs amp variators proudly owning to the provincial engineering EPTT research cEPTTr,the lab of EPTT pace EPTTs, and the foundation of contemporary R ampD.

Our Staff

EPTT Control
EPTT:Insist on EPTTrovement,Try for Excellence With the deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment of products production indurstry,buyer by no means satirsfy with the present quality of our merchandise,on the contrary,wEPTT the price of top quality.
EPTT policy:to improve the overall level in the discipline of EPTT EPTT
EPTT Check out:Steady EPTTrovement , pursuit of excellence
EPTT Philosophy:EPTT EPTTs price

three. Incoming EPTT Control
To build the AQL suitable level of incoming materials management, to give the content for the EPTT inspection, sampling, immunity. On the acceptance of competent products to warehousing, substXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd products to take return, check, rework, rework inspection responsible for monitoring undesirable, to keep track of the supplier to consider corrective
measures to stop recurrence.

4. Procedure EPTT Handle
The manufacturing site of the very first assessment, inspection and closing inspection, sampling according to the specifications of some projects, judging the quality alter craze
located irregular phenomenon of manufacturing, and supervise the creation office to increase, eradicate the abnormal phenomenon or point out.

5. FQC(Ultimate QC)
Following the producing section will total the solution, stand in the customer’s place on the completed solution quality verification, in orEPTTto guarantee the top quality of
buyer expectations and needs.

six. OQC(Outgoing QC)
After the product sample inspection to deterEPTT the experienced, enabling storage, but when the completed solution from the warehouse before the official shipping and delivery of the products, there is a check out, this is referred to as the shipment inspection.Check material:In the warehouse storage and transfer standing to confirm, while confirming the shipping and delivery of the
product is a merchandise inspection to deterEPTT the certified items.

7. Certification.
All our products get ISO amp CE amp UL certification.

  in Salem India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Motorreductores Compactos a Engranaje En Elevadores De Cangilones manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Salem India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Motorreductores Compactos a Engranaje En Elevadores De Cangilones manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler