87252422/87462803 Gear Drive Shaft for Case-IH Suger Harvest Combine

▍Gear Drive Shaft Fits the following makes and models 

Gear Drive Shaft Made to fit Case-IH Tractor Models 154 184 185 – 55369C2 for models 154, 185, 184

The function of the Gear Drive Shaft

The function of the drive shaft is to transfer the engine torque from the gearbox or differential to the wheels. It must also compensate for all variations in angle or length resulting…

The function of the drive shaft is to transmit engine torque from the gearbox or differential to the wheels. It must also compensate for all changes in angle or length due to manipulation and deflection to achieve perfect synchronization between joints.
The drive shaft of a front-wheel-drive vehicle is composed of an outer fixed joint, an inner constant velocity joint, and a connecting shaft. They also include elements such as anti-lock system rings and torsional dampers. The basic design of the outer fixed ball joint, i.e. the constant velocity ball joint, began in the 1930s.
In most cases, the inner CVJ is in the form of a sliding joint to allow the drive shaft to follow the movement of the wheel suspension. At the front axle (front axle), the outer ball joint must effectively transmit torque through a large angle (up to 52 degrees). On the rear axle, the angle of the outer joint is much smaller.
During vehicle operation, the constant speed drive shaft always bears the maximum stress. In addition to very significant angular and translational movements, the joints and bellows must be able to withstand temperatures from -40 to +120 ° C and speed up to 2800 rpm. In order to reliably and stably transmit the required torque within all engine speed and speed ranges (preferably within the whole service life of the vehicle), all components must be maintenance-free.

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Gear drive Shaft For Case-IH Combine straw Chopper Parts Gear For Case-IH Harvest Combine Gear For Case-IH Combine Sugar Harvest


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