Cyclo Gear

Cycloid gear is a general term for cylindrical gears with various cycloid or their equidistant curves. The number of teeth of cycloid gear is very few, which is often used in instruments and instruments, and is less used as power transmission, and its derived cycloid needle wheel drive is widely used.

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Cycloid gear transmission is mostly used for clocks and meters and some instruments.

XB series

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Cycloidal Gearing


Transmission 1 and 2

Cycloid gear drive is mostly used in clocks and some instruments. Compared with general gear drive, it has the following characteristics: ① when driving, a pair of concave inner cycloid in tooth profile is meshed with convex outer cycloid, so the contact stress is small and the wear is uniform; ② the coincidence degree of tooth profile is large, which is conducive to the improvement of bending strength;


Transmission 3 and 4

③ there is no undercutting phenomenon, and the minimum number of teeth is not limited, so the structure is compact, and it can also be used To a larger transmission ratio; ④ the requirements for the center distance of the meshing gear are higher, if the correct meshing of the gear teeth can not be ensured, the fixed transmission ratio will be affected;


Transmission 5 and 6

⑤ the meshing line of this kind of transmission is part of the arc, and the meshing angle is variable, so the gear teeth bear the alternating force, which affects the transmission stability; ⑥ the requirements for the manufacturing accuracy of cycloid gear are higher.

Characteristics of cycloid gear

characteristic & cyclogearbox

Compared with involute gear, cycloid gear has the following characteristics
(1) Larger coincidence degree, more stable transmission. At the same time, the wear is small and uniform, and the lubrication is good.
(2) The minimum number of teeth is small, and its value is limited by rounding.
(3) The interchangeability is poor, not only the modulus is equal, but also the two gears with equal rounding size can be used interchangeably.
(4) Manufacturing is more difficult.
(5) It is not separable and the center distance must be accurate.
(6) The size of the meshing angle changes constantly in the transmission, and the force is not stable enough.

The Utilization of Gearboxes in Diverse Industries

Gearbox is almost all types of industrial and manufacturing units used for a long time.
Cement industry: gear boxes are used in the cement industry to increase engine torque and produce sufficient effect.

Paper industry: the importance of paper industry is increasing. With the increase of the number of mechanical equipment used, the importance of gearbox is also gradually increasing.
Iron and steel industry: the iron and steel industry is another industry that gradually increases its importance.

Sugar industry: sugar industry is one of the industries that need to use a lot of machinery. Therefore, even in the sugar industry, a series of gearboxes with different gear ratios and torques are used, such as planetary gears, helical gears, etc

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